Who Are You?

“If the only vision we have of ourselves comes from the social mirror – from the current social paradigm and from the opinions, perceptions, and paradigms of the people around us – our view of ourselves is like the reflection in a crazy mirror room at the carnival.”

Stephen R. Covey

At some point in life, we all ask ourselves “Who am I?”. That is a powerful question. I suggest many people would give an answer based on their “social mirror”, or the life that they have been programmed to live. We are also impacted by the social conditioning we have experienced since we were old enough to walk.   

Again, for many, the real person remains latent deep inside us. We may sense what is inside, but because of fear, our paradigms, and our limiting beliefs, the real essence of who we are never emerges.   

To experience real change, and walk our true path, we must break free from these things that bind our soul and our spirit.      

Some things we can do to help discover and manifest our true self:

Get Off the Grid.

Travel. Take a journey. Go on a retreat. Go someplace and disconnect. Wow, that’s a frightening thought. Especially when people cannot put their cell phones down long enough to eat or go down the stairs. No phone, no computer, no tablet. Just a journal, a pen and maybe a book or two. 

Think. Feel. Write. 

Write what comes from your soul and your heart. Be honest with yourself.

Be Uncomfortable.   

Challenge yourself in different ways. Broaden your experiences. Change your zip code. Ask questions. 

Listen. Learn.   

Spend time with people you have never met. People who don’t look like you and who have different life experiences.   Chances are they will see more of the real you.  

Create an Avatar. 

Develop an avatar of this spirit inside you. What do they look like? How do they treat others? What do they sound like? Who are they hanging out with? How can you begin to move towards making this version of yourself come to life?  

We all have a soul, a spirit, an essence. Work to discover yours. It can be a fun, rewarding journey. Before we can make significant changes in our lives, we need to at the very least, begin to know who we really are and what we are. Turn off the noise and start discovering yourself. You might just love what you find.  

If you fancy a journey of discovery, then I would be honored to be your coach.  Connect with Coach Jerry Precise today to schedule your first meeting today; rather that be through video , the phone, or a coffee shop meet up in person. No matter what you choose, your first consultation is free! There is no better time to begin than now. Take control of your life with PPL.


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