Confessions From the Coach

“But there was a difference between being stuck and choosing to stay. Between being found and finding yourself.”

Martina Boone, Compulsion

Well, along the lines of this happened to me, I have actually been stuck a few times in my life. I will probably get stuck again on my way down the path. I have received some great coaching, had change forced on me, and in one instance ignored all the warning signs until I ran off the road.   

All this is part of our life journey and is one reason I became a coach. Because simply, Coaching works.  

I was in a personal crisis.  It was very difficult for me to ask for help, but the pressure was overwhelming, and I was receiving signs that told me to move forward.   My biggest problem at that time was dealing with guilt, because my paradigm and social programming told me I must feel guilty, and I must be wrong-headed.  

A wise person told me though, “It’s only a crisis if you don’t do anything.”  

Was it painful? Yes. Was it scary? Yes. But it felt right, and I discovered a peace and a freedom that had been lacking in my world. I was beginning to reconnect with the real me.  Maybe that sounds funny, but your true self can get locked away. You may feel it, or you may have seen it in others, in your friends or family. They just aren’t the same person.  

With the help of a coach and a mentor I made a significant change in my life and good things began to manifest in ways I could not imagine.   

I will save more of my story for a later time. My purpose is just to remind you that we all have challenges and that you are not alone. Life is a journey and occasionally, things are going to get shaken up.  

Where are you stuck?  Career? Relationship? Program? Identity? And what has you stuck? What personal quicksand are you dealing with? Fear, guilt, lack of motivation, what other people think, a lack of knowledge or direction. Or maybe you don’t even know exactly. You just know you are stuck.  

If you are stuck, then that is Coaching Prime Time.  Let’s get you unstuck!!

Connect with PPL today! We are here to help you. 


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