About Coach Jerry Precise

What differentiates Jerry from other coaches?

  • The process is all about YOU.  You own it and the milestones and success will be yours. With my 5 step Personal Path Process, you will discover, set goals, and come to the realizations needed to achieve your best life. 
  • I am also a strong believer in positive energy.  We will work hard to eliminate negativity and wasted energy.  I see so many people spending their energy on the past and on things they cannot control, instead of on their future and what they can control!  

Meet Jerry, a committed coach wanting to help YOU.

  • Prior to starting PersonalPathLife, I had a successful career providing Leadership in some great organizations.  Without a doubt, what I enjoyed the most, was helping people be successful through coaching and mentoring. 
  • I received some great training throughout my career on Leadership, Communication, and team building. My formal training and certification for Coaching has been through an ICF approved program at the Life Coach Institute. I continue to train and will always work on being a better coach. Improvement and forward movement are key factors in all aspects of my life.  
  • I have blended my professional background with my Coaching to develop my 5 Step Personal Path Process.
  • My story is not that unusual. I am living proof that it is never too late to alter your course and retool.  I’ve made some significant changes at various points in my life journey and one of them was to follow my passions, personally and professionally. The main thing is that I have learned to stay positive and enjoy the journey.
  • As I mentioned, my attitude is that positive attracts positive. Not a new theory, but many people struggle to stay positive when they are bombarded by negativity and fear. 

There is healing power in nature.

Visit Bayou Bend or the Arboretum and listen to the trees. 

The old ones will touch your spirit. 

-Jerry Precise

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