Take Control

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”   

-Victor Frankl

We have been discussing change in the last few blogs. You have a goal to reach. Or a situation to resolve, or an environment you need to get out of. Something must change.       

You can choose to do what is necessary, or you can let the pressure keep building like two tectonic plates straining against each other until the volcano, or the earthquake and the inevitable tsunami wreak havoc on your world. No one wants that.   

Let’s answer some basic questions:


Most likely the “who” is going to be you.  You really cannot force other people to change or take actions, and if you do it is only temporary.      So, for the purpose of our discussion, I am the coach, and YOU are the client.   


What needs to happen?  What is “the thing”?  What is the goal?   This could be easier for some than others.   If you already have a goal and you just need actions and accountability, then cool.   For many though, we must discover the “what”.   All the client knows is that something must change.   There is no judgement here, so be honest with yourself, and with your coach.   


Why does change need to happen and what are the consequences if it does not happen?   What if making the change was not optional?   Would you approach it differently?   Well, ask yourself, given the alternatives, is it optional?  


You may have a target date in mind for accomplishing something.  Again, that’s great. But we may have to develop a timeline once we have the actions that need to be done. The big thing here is that YOU HAVE TO START!!  Put your foot on the path today!!


This is where most people really fail.  They just can’t see a path. They don’t know how. Therefore, you seek out a coach. We will work together on all these questions. You, the client, will find the answers and you will decide on the actions that must be taken to reach the target.   

You will not be alone, and you will be in control of your destiny.  Reach out today and schedule your first FREE meeting with Coach Jerry Precise!


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