Waiting For Friday

Why is Friday so good and why is Monday so awful? Is this a rule someplace??   

Do you spend Sunday dreading Monday? Are you in an endless cycle of ups and downs, just waiting for another week to end?   

If you answered yes, then you are not alone. Far from it. 

It hit me one morning going to work. People are driving all crazy and stressed out and they haven’t even left their neighborhood yet! Add to that everything going on around us in our crazy world as of late. 

Have you lost the happiness in your daily life?   

Are there barriers to finding your happy thoughts and places?  

Do you come home to a place of peace?  

Do you feel like your job is robbing you of your life energy?   

Are you burdened by problems that you seemingly can’t resolve?

If you answered yes to some or all of those, then chances are you have thought about making some changes.  Everyone’s dynamics are different, but one thing is true.  

Change is hard.  Real, transformational, meaningful change is hard. Staying put, staying where it is safe, is much easier.   But are you living or just surviving?

You may have change forced on you, which can be a scary blessing in disguise. Or you may have to fight through indecision, guilt, and fear to make it happen. Either way, a Life Coach can be beneficial to help in dealing with roadblocks and clarity through the process.

You were not put on this planet to be miserable. I say this a lot, but it is YOUR LIFE! I am guessing you already have a vision of that life. Your story.  Let us work on making it happen. Make it more visible, more tangible. A fun homework assignment might be to create a Vision Board.  

You are probably already motivated and feel the need for change and solutions pulling you towards YOUR DESIRES!  

Conversely, the closer you get to making that real change, the harder those negative emotions and fears will try to hold you back. Again, that is where a coach can help.  

Let’s get you out of the clutter and onto the path to your story!

There is no better time than right now. If you are waiting for things to be better or exactly right, then you will never make the moves you need to make. Let’s make more Fridays in your world.  

We only have so much time on this rock. Get a vision, get a sense of urgency, and let it help you jump start the road trip to where you want to be.  Connect with Coach Jerry Precise to schedule your first meeting today; rather that be through video , the phone, or a coffee shop meet up in person. No matter what setting you’re most comfortable in, your first consultation is free! There is no better time to begin than now. Take control of your life with PPL.


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