When the Storm Hits

Texas just faced a monstrous winter storm.  I do not have to tell anyone that. Millions lost power and water.  Living can very rapidly become surviving. It was and continues to be at this writing, a serious situation.  

Who are we in the storm?  Victim?  Hero?  Survivor? One of those people in long lines at the grocery or gas station? And what can we learn about ourselves? 

Storms can take many forms. What I know and what drives me as a Life Coach is that many people have storms going on inside of them or around them every day. Their life is more about surviving than living. And the toll such storms can take on our well being is immense.     

If you do not have a supply of emotional strength built up in the pantry, it is difficult if not impossible to deal with challenges as they come. Fear, frustration, anger, blame, rage. What many people gravitate to in the storm. All dark emotions.  

And dark is always easy.  It can become a habit.  

Do you feel like there is a storm inside of you? Are you lost? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Does each day feel like another long line at the store? If it does, you are not alone.   

Many people are surviving instead of living.  

Being prepared, taking steps, staying positive. All good things, but not always easy unless we develop the right habits and strength. But when we do then we start living and stop just surviving. We can work together to develop positive habits, emotional strength and prioritize self-care. 

For now, just breathe. Long, slow, deep, calming breaths.  Focus on the breathing. Find something to be thankful for. Even the fact that you are in the here and now and alive and have the freedom to make choices about your future!! 

This next thing is so important. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is a big first step and sadly one that many people never take. There is no judgment here. Only my desire to see the world through your eyes and journey with you down a new path to living……instead of just surviving.  

So, think about the cold dark storm we have just faced and if there is another message in the storm for you? Could that message be a blessing or a signal to make some changes? To break free. 

Let’s escape the storm together and find the sun. Connect with Coach Jerry Precise today to schedule your first meeting today; rather that be through video , the phone, or a coffee shop meet up in person. No matter what setting you’re most comfortable in, your first consultation is free!


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