How Full is Your Attic?

Living in Houston, this is the time of year to clean the attic. Down here you avoid your attic in the summertime unless you enjoy being a human Sous Vide dish. Cleaning the attic is never anyone’s idea of a good time. Things go in and never seem to come out.  

You may have guessed this is leading to a question about your mental attic. We all have one you know.  The same principle applies; things go in and tend to stay a while. Think of your brain like an attic or a big warehouse with stacks upon stacks of stuff.  Boxes everywhere. Might be thoughts, might be ideas or might be problems and challenges that we have yet to deal with. As the old saying goes, ignoring the issue will not make it go away.  

I have the gift of being able to compartmentalize really well. Actually, it has been more of a curse in times past.  Short term it can be useful.  Long term it can be damaging. Short term compartmentalizing can help us remember things, avoid conflict, or simply help to maintain focus on a larger issue that may be at hand. Longer term, if that box is not opened up and dealt with, we could be doing ourselves a disservice and living with a needless burden.

You might have a marvelous idea or a vision that you have yet to act on. It may seem daunting or perhaps you don’t view it as a priority. But if it is something you are passionate about, how would it feel to see that idea come to life?  Do you want to keep that hidden up there with all the other attic clutter? If you pull it down and dust it off and give it a go… 

At least then you can say you did it.  

Ask yourself if one of those boxes has a change order inside, or something that needs to be dealt with. Does the thing in the box ever knock or make noise like it is trying to get out?  Reminding you that it’s up there?  

Every time it does, the weight of that box gets a little heavier. Some people would call this excess baggage. As opposed to traveling light, carrying this extra load can do us harm in the long term. It is a physical and mental drain of our positive energy, no matter how subtle.

Why does it seem so hard to deal with? What is keeping you from opening that box? How would it feel to empty that box and deal with the issue? Can you get a vision of that?   

Remember you have everything you need inside of you!! The strength, courage, and smarts to get it done. Perhaps you just need to explore some of these questions and that is where a coach can be helpful. So, if you have got some things in the attic that need to come down, there is no time like the present to take charge. Connect with Coach Jerry Precise today to schedule your first meeting today; rather that be through video , the phone, or a coffee shop meet up in person. No matter what setting you’re most comfortable in, your first consultation is free! There is no better time to begin than now. Take control of your life with PPL.

Graceful in Form, Powerful in Purpose, Positive in Attitude  

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