Another New Year, 2021 Edition

Lemons or Lemonade, 2020 is behind us now. For better or worse, it is history, and we can’t go back. Who would want to?! What a historical year, in so many ways. Repeat after me… “WE CAN’T CHANGE THE PAST”. Let us focus on being our best today and plan for the future.  

Not that we need a New Year to make a change or charter a new course, but it seems like a good start time for many people. You will always get asked that age old question: “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?” Ugh. No thank you. Well guess what… You don’t have to tell them!!! There is no rule that says you must. Keep your own counsel.  

We all have projects, passions, and goals that we would like to do; changes we need to make. But we just do not seem to get anywhere. Many times, it’s not the finishing that is the problem. It is the starting. We don’t know how to start. (Been there, done that.)  

We are sometimes crippled by wanting everything to be perfect. Well, bad new folks, when you first start out it isn’t going to be perfect, in fact it might be a tad messy and it might be difficult. Sometimes people just think about the negative, become overwhelmed, and they freeze up. Or my personal favorite is people spending an inordinate amount of time “getting ready”. Gathering all the needed supplies and materials, but they haven’t actually done anything. (Been there, done that, the sequel.)

Get some canvas, paint, and a brush; and go paint something! Who cares if your dog looks like a bear? Or take that golf lesson and then golf. Your tee shot won’t be the first one that goes 10 yards. You will get better! Go skeet shooting, miss all the clay pigeons, who cares! You are out there having fun. Being brave and bold.  While doing the things that you want to do you are going to get some helpful hints, make new friends, and learn about a new sport or hobby.

As for the more structural and life direction type changes, there are the same fears, only magnified. The fear of change itself and the fear of failure we have all experienced at one time or another. Or maybe you are too bogged down in everything that is going on?  Well, what if you actually got it done? What is worse, staying where you are or finding the path to a more positive outcome? What is going to happen if you do not make the change or deal with the situation? Ask yourself. Think about it. 

What if you did not have a choice? Would you look at the situation differently? Sometimes a change in perspective can be helpful.  And just like a new hobby or sport, you do not have to compare yourself to anyone. This is your life and your journey. You are unique and special. You were not put on this planet to be unhappy or stuck. Getting started on a significant change or finding the solution to a bigger issue can be challenging. If you need help with your plan, your path or accountability, then seek out a confidant. This is where a life coach can come in. As someone who can look from the outside in and help you find that path. 

Remember, as someone once said every journey begins with the first step.   

Connect with Coach Jerry Precise today to schedule your first meeting today; rather that be through video , the phone, or a coffee shop meet up in person. No matter what setting you’re most comfortable in, your first consultation is free! There is no better time to begin than now. Take control of your life with PPL.


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