The Power of Grace in 2020

Have you ever watched an ice-skating champion or a ballerina?? Or a master of Kung Fu? They are the epitome of “Power and Grace”. Their form is flawless, and no motion is wasted.   Purposeful and efficient while practicing their craft. But just ask yourself, how many times have they fallen? How many hours have they practiced?   

Hold onto that thought for a minute. 

We know that stress has become an even larger part of our world in 2020. I won’t list all the reasons as anyone who is not completely off the grid knows what they are. Anger, fear, isolation, frustration and so many other emotions people are feeling right now. These emotions can manifest themselves in many ways, none of which are good. Similar to dangerous toxins, they build up in the body over time to cause mental and physical harm.   

What are you doing to combat this daily onslaught of negativity? Or worse are you, or a friend or loved one embracing the negative? Letting it in, using it as a shield, as an avenue to validate with others who are equally negative and frustrated? Some people actually embrace these negative feelings and gravitate towards them. Make no mistake about it, they are dark and addictive.  

Like any addiction, damage is being done to the mind, body and soul. Even worse, the focus on the negative is keeping that person from focusing on the POSITIVE. Or even seeing the positive. They become blind to the good in their lives. They go to bed and wake up looking for the latest news about something else gone wrong. Or lament that they could not do this or that because of some other this or that. Instead of deciding what they can do and doing it!

This relates to Stephen Covey’s “Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence”, Dr. Covey changed my outlook on life, I will freely admit it. We, myself included, sometimes spend too much time focusing on the circle of concern instead of the circle of influence. We worry about things totally beyond our ability to control instead of focusing on those we CAN control. Wasted mental energy. Your brain only has so much energy, just like your body.   

Shouldn’t we be focusing that mental muscle on something we can achieve? Like the ice-skating champion or ballerina that wows the crowd with a flawless performance, or the Kung Fu master who blocks an opponents’ thrust? This takes lots of practice. Muscle memory over and over again. There is no wasted motion. The same is true with your mind. Which with my coaching help, we can navigate through together. 

Learn to block negativity and frustration and focus on the positive path with

Personal Path Life. 

Yes, you’re going to trip and fall back on old habits, but with time and practice you will be able to short circuit the negative energy and wrap yourself in the positive. I want to help you through this time in your life as your life coach. If after reading this blog it reached out to you in a personal way, please connect with Coach Jerry Precise today to schedule your first meeting today; rather that be through video , the phone, or a coffee shop meet up in person. No matter what setting you’re most comfortable in, your first consultation is free! There is no better time to begin than now. Take control of your life with PPL.

Here at Personal Path Life Coaching it is all about YOU. My goal for all clients is to guide you through your personal path in life. 


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