The Toxic People

One of my son’s pet peeves (he is a scientist) is calling a snake poisonous. Snakes are “venomous”. They inject venom into the victim, and the venom is toxic. Quite frankly, I don’t care either way as I know what the dangerous ones look like and will be retreating in the opposite direction. If you care to learn, dangerous snakes can be identified via their external characteristics. You can avoid a dose of toxic venom.   

But what about toxic people? They are out there, but they look just like everyone else. You may have to be exposed before you know what I am speaking about.  Their words can be toxic along with their actions and the energy they give off.  Dealing with them can be challenging and cause people to struggle.  

Of course, everyone has bad days or traumas in their life, and we must be there to support those friends too. Especially with everything going on currently. For the most part these people are not normally given to complain. If they are a stranger, you may not even know their situation. This is not a criticism of people who are toxic, as many times they come by it honestly based on their programming and they do not know any other way to survive emotionally.

When hit with that negative energy in person, ask yourself “Do I really want to hear this again?”. How can you parry their negative thrust with a jab of positivity? What would make you feel better? Absorbing and enabling the negative or redirecting and encouraging the positive? This can be difficult, especially for an empath and/or a giver.   

Many people really struggle with risking what they view as friendships or relationships and will continue to absorb negative feelings. It can become a real challenge, where some introspect, and coaching might help. How do you feel when you see this person coming? Would you feel better knowing you did not have to interact with them? Are they adding to your life journey in a positive way? Are you repeatedly investing your energy for a negative return? We seek positive energy, and strive from it.

Changing directions in my life while working with coaches myself, combined with this past year of seeing so many people struggle. Has made me more thankful, more patient, and more aware of my own shortcomings. Life is too short to live stressed out and negative.

Again, this is not a criticism, just an observation. Maybe the people who come across as negative just don’t know any other way. Remember, it is not your job to change them, but who knows, YOU may be the positive light that shows them another path.  

If you or a loved one has struggled with toxicity in your life, I’m available to guide you through that. Please reach out to Life Coach Jerry Precise. I would be honored to help you reach your goals of living a powerful and positive life through Personal Path Life Coaching. 


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