Decisions, Decisions.

Decisions, Decisions….

If you choose to not deal with an issue, then you give up your right of control over the issue and it will select the path of least resistance.

                                                                                                         – Susan Del Gatto

Life is about making choices.  If you do not choose, then you are like a leaf at the mercy of the wind.   That is not living.   That is waiting, and hoping the wind blows you in the right direction.    And if you are facing an issue or a tough choice, do you want to give up control and roll the dice?  Or do you want to make a choice and then stick with it?   

Are you making a choice based on what you think you need and want, or are you making a logical fact-based decision coming from your values and what you truly know about yourself?   I’m not talking about choices like what color to paint the bedroom or what to name the new puppy.  I am talking about your life journey and the path you want to take.  This could be in a career, or it could be in a relationship.  Or it could be just in the direction of your life in general.  

Will you be able to make a good choice, the right choice?   Not unless you are secure in your value system and have a solid grasp on where you want to go.   Otherwise, you are guessing or going by feel.  Feelings, as we all know, can be immensely powerful drivers, but making decisions based on emotions is almost always going to take you down the wrong path.  

Think of it like a fork in the trail.   If you choose the right path great.   But if you choose the wrong path then you are going to be lost for a while and finding yourself backtracking or cutting your way through a ton of rough country to get back on the right trail.   There are always more chances, but if we can avoid some of the pain and suffering up front, then why not? 

Working with a Coach can help you learn more about yourself, help you to be honest with yourself and make sure your value foundation is strong.   A Coach can also help you discover your true path and hence make choices that support your positive life journey.  

You will be able to operate from a position of confidence and strength.  

I would be honored to travel with you.  Personalpathlife

Graceful in Form, Powerful in Purpose, Positive in Attitude

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