You own it. The milestones and success will be yours.
    With my 5 step Personal Path Process, you will discover yourself, set goals, and come to the realizations required to achieve your best life. 
  • POSITIVE ENERGY We will work to eliminate negativity, and wasted energy. So many people spend energy on the past…on things they cannot control…instead of on future and what they can control!  


“If you start to think the problem is “out there”, stop yourself.  That thought is the problem.” ~ Stephen R Covey

We all come to crossroads in life at various times.  I’m no different.   I’ve learned and benefited from great mentors and coaches. At times, I wish I had asked for some guidance sooner.  

I built a family, a career, and spent 30 years in various leadership positions within the petrochemical industry. Throughout my journey, I developed teams, mentored them, and analyzed risk and protected assets. 

It was gratifying to watch people grow in their success, achieve their goals, and feel that, in some small way, I was a part of that process.    

It pained me to see individuals make decisions that did not serve them well, and then, as a result, suffer the consequences from those unfortunate decisions.

Some people “live for Friday”…live frustrated and defeated. I noticed their language included “If” and “When”. They had abdicated their responsibility for their own happiness. Their entire identity is based on their career. They were stuck in “a program.”

I’ve been there.
I’ve had plenty of happy times, but I was not fulfilled.
I had success in my career, but I never truly felt like it fit.
I was not living my passion, and my soul, my spirit was dying.
I felt trapped.
Once I made changes, things started to fall into place.

Life is meant to be truly lived…to be experienced…to be shared…to be seen...to be felt…sometimes painfully. Human beings are meant to be seen and to live in truth. 

Coaching and mentoring was the ideal next step in the journey toward fulfilling my purpose.  

“Put LIFE back into LIVING.”
What does that mean?
It means you will not just going through the motions…not living “a program.” You will choose to live your truth, and your best life.
It also means a embracing a holistic coaching approach…coaching the whole person…Mind, Body, and Spirit. All the aspects of what it means to be “alive” need to be addressed. The spirit/soul speaks to our mind in order to find true happiness and fulfillment.

There is healing power in nature.

Visit Bayou Bend or the Arboretum and listen to the trees. 

The old ones will touch your spirit. 

-Jerry Precise

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