Coaching Packages

Pricing & Packages:

  • Our first session together is free of charge and meant to establish rapport and discuss Coaching more in depth. 
  • I can do single sessions but let me be frank, it is difficult to make progress and be accountable with intermittent Coaching.  
  • Coaching packages are more effective, and we will tailor a package to meet your needs.   
  • Payment taken via PayPal or Venmo
  • Virtual video, in person, & phone meetings available

  • Some of the areas I work in:
  • Clarity / Making Good Decisions
  • Individual Pre-marriage
  • Life Changes / Transition
  • Pre- and post- Divorce / Relationship
  • MLC

Our initial session will be to establish rapport and next steps. 

And it’s FREE. 

My Personal Path Coaching Process:

  • Discovery – Assess the situation. Assets, liabilities, risks, and rewards.
  • Where The Path Leads – Clarity of your destination. Find your truth. Your vision. Your objectives.
  • Clearing RoadblocksTake emotion and fear out of the equation.  Eliminate obstacles.
  • Walking the Path – Client tackles the biggest rocks.  Client takes control of their destiny.
  • The Future – Follow up plan for staying on track and future opportunities.
  • I strive to see the world through my client’s eyes.

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“If you follow the inner path using truth and clarity as your compass points, the outer world cannot help but respond to your intention.”

-Deepak Chopra

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