Let’s Get Real!

OK People, Let’s Get Real!! 

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” 

Friedrich Nietzsche

In my recent forays into Blog Space, we have been discussing change, recognizing the need for change and how to begin.  Also, on getting in touch with our true self.   Being authentic if you will.  

I suggest that while change can happen, and be a good thing, we need to  know our true self to ensure we make changes for the right reasons.  Can you tell yourself why you need to take that big step if you are not being honest about who you really are, and the life you want to experience?  

We have talked about the social mirror and all the influences we have coming at us.   It is easy to see how the real person can get buried or lost.   Lots of reasons why we can lose ourselves, and this blog isn’t meant to cover them all.   

Me?  I am a giver, I love to do things for people, to help people, which lends itself to my current chosen profession. It was however a problem in my past life, in that I was so busy trying to keep everyone else happy I lost sight of what made me happy.   I take responsibility for that, and it was on me to deal with it.  

Life is too short my friends to not be happy.      

If you are good with yourself, if you are solid with that face looking back in the mirror at you then I commend you.  Just understand, there are people who don’t know how that feels.  

People sometimes want what they want so badly, they give up part of themselves to get it.  They are so lost in a program that they don’t even realize it.  Read that again, slowly. 

Or they do realize it, but they don’t know how to escape.   They are fearful of the impacts or maybe of losing friends or family or a significant other.    We need to be aware of this in ourselves, in our relationships and in the people that depend on us.  

Perhaps you are a couple taking that big step in your relationship, being completely open and honest with each other is so important.   Let me use another word, exposed.  Don’t hide.  

If you are a parent, maybe you see one of the kids struggling.  Are you listening?  Are you helping?   Are you trying to understand?  Or are you pushing?  Trying to do what you think is right, could be wrong.   

Or maybe you are just out there, and just do not know how to happy and comfortable with yourself.  Something doesn’t feel right. 

If any of this resonates, then let’s talk about it.  It’s time to get real.   

Graceful in Form, Powerful in Purpose, Positive in Attitude 

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